Homeschooling? Sort of…

Posted on: October 19, 2008

When my eldest son entered pre-school 12 years ago (he’s now 15), I assumed the “new” role of the mommy-tutor. We would study his lessons and do his homework together.

It was the same thing three years later when it was my 2nd son’s turn to enter school. Study time became part of our daily routine on weekdays, usually after dinner time. My hubs and I divided ourselves between the 2 boys. I was in charge of Filipino while Jerry handled the kids’ Mandarin lessons.

Hiring a professional tutor was never a plan even if my husband and I were working full-time and leading busy lives. As parents, we were pretty much involved with our boys’ academics and extra-curricular activities (though I was rarely active in PTA stuff).

So fast forward to this school year. I’m no longer as strict and as hard on the boys’ studies. Why? The early habits formed became ingrained in them that they are now able to handle school stuff by themselves and consistently maintain their slot in their respective honors’ classes.

Nowadays, eldest son checks on 2nd son and youngest sons’ (nursery2) lessons when we (the parents) are not around or need to stay out late for some matters. I’m relieved and very glad he can now help us out when needed. Soon, we’ll regain some more free time when both elder boys play an active role in their little brother’s studies. Let me share what I captured on video…

And here are some pictures of Matt with his peers doing some research and snacks afterwards.



6 Responses to "Homeschooling? Sort of…"

i admire you for finding the time to tutor your boys considering that you work full time. i suck in this area. i do not have the patience. i tried but i end up getting mad.. 😦

Both my hubby and I work full time too. But, we really soend a lot of time at night working very hard with our two children and making sure their homework is complete and that they understand their work. Personally, I find it totally exhausting after a long hard working day but hope that one day, it’ll pay off.

Your boys are so sweet. You’ve done and are doing such a great job with them!

Hi Luisa,
It was a struggle trying to balance work and family. I guess I’m lucky my hubs was also a hands-on kind of father.

Hi Sharon,
Oh I’m sure it will pay off. 🙂 They will soon develop the study habits that will surely be carried all throughout their academic life.

Hi Pinayhekmi,
Thanks! Ah, their sweetness amuses me as much as their “mischief” annoys me. LOL

I started quite late in dealing with my son’s habit with homework… education here is far too different from education there.

But I’m not making the same mistake with my daughter.

Because they’re in French school, it is Patricia who is reviewing Patrick on his upcoming quizzes.

Hi Jo,
It’s sweet of Patricia to review Patrick! I guess girls are really more reliable when it comes to study habits and discipline. 🙂 I’m sure Patrick will catch on. *wink*

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