Temporary Disconnection

Posted on: October 22, 2008

My sons were warned a couple of months back to limit their mobile phone usage. Just recently I requested Globe to deactivate the wap service of Kyle’s phone after it’s 2 billing statements registered P1,500 and P1,000 respectively on data / internet usage alone. Argh! That’s even higher than an HSDPA’s monthly subscripiton plan for unlimited use of internet! *Groan*

At first I figured it must be the mobile phone’s button placement that triggers the accidental connection to wap/internet, whenever it’s in the pants’ pocket. But the second time it happened, despite Kyle’s statement that he doesn’t use wap, I thought this still looked more deliberate. Hence my request for deactivation.

Matt on the other hand, was heavy on text messaging. His SMS usage lately was NOT lower than P1,000 (net of free sms)! That’s easily about 30 messages a day! Ugh.

Over the last couple of months, I successfully collected from their allowances the total subscription fees thinking that this would make them feel the waste of money and probably put a stop to the runaway cost. They paid me but this strategy wasn’t effective in lowering the expense. It was still beyond their combined P750/month plans.

Now they’re phones can only receive calls and messages. Outgoing calls and messages have been barred. They tried to negotiate with me, for me to re-consider my decision and pay the bill. I was playing hard-ball this time. Heh! And then I came up with a plan that would benefit both parties.

The deal was for them to start blogging online (which they are not too keen about). If I see at least 10 posts (of not less than 200 words per entry), then their mobile plans would be paid and reactivated. So far, they have both created their accounts with Blogger. Matt has written 3 posts and Kyle is on his way to writing his entries as well.

I hope this works. *Crossing my fingers*

Picnik collage
Matt & Kyle

8 Responses to "Temporary Disconnection"

oh my! those are huge bills!!!

do you really think blogging is a good idea? I think the less time kids spent online, the safer they will be.

just my 2 cents.

Hi Jo,

I freaked out upon seeing the bills as well!

I thought of teaching them how to blog so their online time (surfing for music / network gaming) is put to better use. I have to agree, though that if not managed well, it’s not safe for them too.

We do not have internet connection at home. The only time they can access is by borrowing our USB HSDPA modems. 🙂

I appreciate your comment. I took note of it so I would also be on the lookout for the danger signs.

double big macs!

good job on the invitation to blog. i read matthew’s but not yet kyle’s

interesting what you imposed ha…

Hi Notsquare! For the longest time, I wanted to encourage them to write (whether on paper or online) and express themselves. This was my chance to finally “force” them. LOL

Hi Junnie. One big mac lang and one ibook. Hehehe… Kyle is still the hesitant writer.

Linnor…baka i-bash ka nila sa mga blogs nila… sabagay, I guess okay lang yon as long as they hit 200 words…hehehe! Ang hirap ng teenagers.

Hi Leap of Faith! Ni-set ko ang parameters na bawal ang negative posts and takot lang nila ma-“grounded”. LOL. 🙂

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