About Me


1. am Linnor.

2. am a Scorpion.

3. graduated from DLSU with a BSC-Acctg Degree.

4. am a (non-practicing) CPA.

5. am the eldest.

6. have a brother in Canada and a sister in Manila Singapore Manila.

7. live in Cebu.

8. have been here since 1992 after I got married.

9. married Jerry, my ex-boyfriend.

10. have 3 half Chinese-half Filipino sons – Matt, Kyle and Jake.

11. speak Filipino and English fluently but I understand Cebuano and Surigaonon as well.

12. work as a techno-preneur.

13. love gadgets.

14. pine for a MacBook to replace my iBook G4. own a sleek new MacBook courtesy of my job and a shiny Blackberry Pearl too. πŸ˜‰

15. love taking pictures and videos and…

16. enjoy posting them on Flickr, Google video and You Tube.

17. am grateful to the max to Junnie for my paid account with Flickr.

18. have been to only 6 7 countries and

19. hope to see more in the near future.

20. have never been to Baguio and Boracay.

21. love blogging and reading other people’s blogs.

22. am trying to learn how to scrap digitally.

23. can drive.

24. am lazy at times but

25. am OC most of the time.

26. am not fussy with make-up

27. consider myself made up with Johnson’s pressed powder and Nivea caregloss and shine.

28. am lazy to change bags/purses.

29. use the same one for days, weeks or even months until its already worn out.

30. wear black slacks denims 99% when at work.

31. seldom/never wear stilletos.

32. have high wedges though.

33. would have my eyes go through lasik if I had the money hehehe…though I think it’s more because of vanity.

34. have astigmatism and very poor vision. Boo…

35. don’t really crave watching movies in theatres.

36. wait for new movies to be shown on cable.

37. am not much of a fiction reader.

38. am more into biographies and self-help books.

39. enjoy doing crafts when I have time.

40. can sew, cross-stitch, wash dishes, iron clothes, mop floors but

41. am not interested to cook.

42. weigh 134 137 134 130 137 lbs okay okay 140 pounds! *argh*

43. would love to lose 10 25 lbs but…

44. don’t strictly follow a diet and…

45. hate working out. So…

46. don’t think losing the weight would be an easy feat.

47. am a Catholic.

48. raise my kids as Catholics as well.

49. allow them to practice Chinese traditions though.

50. am not fanatic about feng shui but I follow the practical feng shui tips whenever possible.

51. would love to learn photography, painting, scrapbooking, (ok, ok) and cooking.

52. don’t know how to swim. Hehehe.

53. am very budget conscious but…

54. tend to go on a shopping binge sometimes.

55. sleep with the light on.

56. can sleep anytime, anywhere, and in any position

57. love Japanese food.

58. never liked beer.

59. tried smoking but it never became a habit.

60. love buying things for my boys & hubby more than for myself.

61. dream of having: my own 3-4 bedroom house, a flashy car, a good (expensive) watch, a pair of (at least) 1-carat diamond stud earrings, multi-colored South Sea Pearl charm bracelet…

62. dream of visiting again the ff: the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Hongkong… and for the first time the ff: Australia, England, Spain… and yes, Baguio and Boracay. Hahaha.

63. love having a foot massage and a foot scrub… well massage, in general.

64. am not a fan of manicure/pedicure. low maintenance! πŸ˜€ i keep my nails trimmed short.

65. always wear my hair long.

66. am not fond of long telephone conversations except with Mama via PLDT NDD P10 unlimited call, or with Junnie/May via Skype.

67. can carry a tune but

68. haven’t dared sing in a karaoke. but i did try πŸ˜€

69. know a few dance routines but

70. have not gone dancing in a looong time.

71. don’t actually gush when I receive flowers on special occasions.

72. would prefer to receive chocolates or jewelry! πŸ˜›

73. sometimes don’t (anymore) crave for a frap

74. do drink Fit & Right. got suckered into the L-Carnitine mania….

75. also (terribly) crave for junk food and sweets.

76. can skip a meal just to have dessert. baaad!!!

77. haven’t been drinking milk for a long time, and

78. feel that i am not getting the calcium my body needs. 😦

79. love salmon!

80. am not too keen to try insect delicacies.

81. don’t subscribe to magazines but…

82. buy past issues of Real Living.

83. love buying on installment, interest free.

84. pay my credit cards IN FULL.

85. have very good credit standing.

86. pay my bills on time.

87. do the “budgetting” (since August 2006)

88. just require a chunk of his salary for a bigger portion of our expenses. Hubs is the breadwinner after all ;).

89. try to encourage open communication on all matters.

90. get pissed if made to wait needlessly.

91. can’t think of anything else to list here.

92. uh, ah, hmmm… *scratches head*

93. have stage fright speaking in front of a crowd.

94. am really a better listener than a talker, but…

95. have very good ideas.

96. am running out of things to list now…

97. love my hubs and kids dearly.

98. love spending time/touching base with loved ones.

99. am now worried to be boring you with senseless facts about me.

100. am gonna end here, now.

27 Responses to "About Me"

These are some things you forgot to list down:
1. You like Go Nuts Donuts not Dunkin Donuts
2. Your favorite channel is the Lifestyle Network
3. You seldom drink, but your favorite cocktail is a frozen margarita.
4. Your favorite noodle dish is pancit bihon
5. You recently said that malling is your exercise πŸ™‚
6. You won’t ride a big rollercoaster (neither would I!)
7. You like Queer Eye for the Straight Girl more than ….for the Straight Guy!
8. You never (almost never) order a bottomless drink
9. You don’t like putting gas in the car
10.You make the world go round for Matts, Kyle, Jake and me πŸ™‚

Hey those 10 items should be there up in my list ano? How could I have forgotten? Hahaha!

I like your #9 best… Heeheehee…

ang cute naman ng conversation na eto..

and of course, your 100 Linnor, ang sayang basahin, honestly. Thanks for the inspiration..

God bless you and your family…for always..

Heeheehee…. God bless you too!

hi linnor,
i came here thru pinoy moms network, i enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos, I will surely come back. thanks for sharing.


Thanks for visiting! Hope you’d come by often! πŸ˜€

Linnor, I tracked you here from my blog. Thanks for visiting. And wow, I wish I had blog hopped to your site earlier. I just LOVE your list of 100 but loved even more the fact that your hubby added 10 more. Ang sweet naman ninyo!

Let’s communicate some more. My kids (all 4) are Chinoys also and my in-laws are 2 hours away from you by fast craft. I speak Cebuano too and am a CPA as well. More common stuff based on what I saw in your list. Like….not loving to cook (hahahaha)

Are we twins? Are you my long lost sis? Hahaha!

i’ve been reading you for a long time. i think you can safely claim that you have a kind, even temperament. can’t remember you ever writing about being upset about anything. πŸ™‚

i’m a scorpio too btw. oct 29.


thanks for dropping by. I think, I stumbled upon your blog first, though.


I try my best not to flare up since I met Jerry. He’s the kindest person I know and being with him made me realize he doesn’t deserve any of my mood swings. Proof that when you are surrounded by good people, you naturally acquire the trait.

My birthday is Oct 30, how uncanny!

Thanks for visiting! πŸ˜€

hi again ate! wow! reading this was like reading a description about myself! m a scorpion din kasi. although i can’t relate sa mga chinese stuff. hehehe

super sweet naman ng no.10 ni kuya jerry! awwww!

hi linnor, nasaag rako diri sa imong blog but i enjoyed reading your 100 things about you. take care.

nice! i love cebu and cebuanos! very very nice people! i was assigned in cebu many many times since we have clients all over the city and the biggest was VECO where i met my best friend – one of the Garcia’s. was back in Cebu in nov 07 and as usual always had a blast! i love your 100 things!

reyna elena’s last blog post..Winner of the $5 NFA Rice this week?

Not sure how I got to your blog, but you could see a couple of these blogs I check out often …

Hi Madel! Welcome to our site, CuZ! Pasyal ka palagi

Hi Marilyn! Salamat! Are you also from Cebu? πŸ™‚

Hi Reyna Elena! Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope you get to visit Cebu again and have a great time. πŸ™‚

Hi Forza! Thanks for visiting. I checked out the sites you stated and enjoyed my visit.

hi linnor..i enjoy your blogs and your writing about your family.

Were you in the meetup with Aileen Apolo?

Hi Ecstaticviolet! Thanks so much!:)

Hi Beejing! Yup, I was the last one to arrive. 😦


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hi linnor,

googled teriyaki boy and found ur site.
was very happy to have come across it..
enjoyed my time here… and ill be back soon.

like you, im living here in cebu.
i am also a cpa.
and i am working for one of the big 4 firms.

u look great. and good.

Hi Linnor,

Just stumbled on your blog while I was writing descriptions for my client’s directory..

It’s nice to know that a proud Filipina’s blog (I’ve said that because I’ve noticed that some of your posts are in the vernacular) was in a directory like my client’s..

Oh, and your blog is definitely a big hit..I sooooooo love it! It’s fun to read and I’ll definitely visit your blog more often..

Hi H,
I sent you an email.

Hi Girlie,
Hey, we have a lot in common! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the visit.

Hi Bleedingheart,
Thanks so much for the generous compliments! πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed your visit.


Hi Linnor,

stumbled on your site. great stuff.. enjoyed reading your 100.. feels like i know you very well already.

if only i knew how to do this..

regards and God Bless

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I'm 1/5th of a party of 5 based in Cebu. I've been married to my best friend for 16 years and we dote on our 3 sons aged 15, 12, and 4.5 years old. I work in an IT company (for 3 years now) and work allows me to blog, twit, post pics, and try new tech stuff in the internet. If you happen to visit, feel free to look around. :) Or you can find me on blogspot too:

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