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Toilet & Bath for Matt & Kyle, originally uploaded by gratitude.

Something happened here. To continue…

My hands were clammy. I felt my tummy in knots. I couldn’t relax at all as I sat there on the first row with Jerry. My kid in Nursery2, being a finalist in the Voices of Children poem recitation contest, was about to compete with the rest of the finalists.

He was the 4th to recite. Finalist number 1 recited softly and sheepishly even as the mom moved closer by the stage to give moral support. Finalist number 2 or 3 didn’t go up the stage at all. Oh no!

Jake was next. I saw him peer from the side of the stage as if looking for our faces in the audience. We waved at him. He flashed a big smile upon seeing us and then he walked up the stage…

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Me: Hmmm… *kiss, kiss*…*hug, hug*…(Smothering my 4 year old son)
Me: Why is my Jake so cute?…*presses cheek*
Me: Why is your skin so soft, hmm?
Me: Mama wants to hug you… always.
Me: Cute cute cute….
Me: This one is cute (presses cheeks)… this one is cute (pats his tooshie)…and this too (points to his male organ).
Jake: No! That’s not cute.
Me: Huh? If it’s not cute, then what?
Jake: Big.
Me: Oh!

And then in my peripheral view, I saw my husband laughing.

Picnik collage
Jake and me (using Photo Booth)

We’ve been frequenting the Terraces for the past few days until the last weekend. It’s a nice venue to take my Manila-based parents to. They’re impressed that there’s something like Greenbelt or Glorietta in my Cebu home-base. Hehe… For city-dwellers like them, malling is a staple activity. Yep, I should know. 😛

Yellow Cab
Here we are, enjoying Yellow Cab pizza and calzone a few hours after a filling lunch at Big Mao (both at Terraces)

The past weeks have been busy for me at the homefront with my youngest and me getting sick one after the other, like a tag-team of sorts. Then to add to that, we also had major movements and changes at work. Think, paperwork and tighter coordination among all groups.

To cut the chase, I’m posting pics of other events that happened in between. So this is part 1:

Mama Sol's birthday
We got invited to Mama Sol’s (aunt’s) dinner party at the Marco Polo where we were served a fusion of Japanese, Italian, Chinese and native food. Yummm! However, the al fresco dinner was mildly rained on and prompted most of the guests to wear the table napkins on their heads ala “hat” party. Wehehe… I guess that was what caused me to get sick for a week. 😛

Mama Sol's birthday
When the mild drizzle stopped, the dances began. One of the dance numbers was from a belly-dancer, to the men’s delight. As the music commenced, I threw side-glances at my teenage boys who seemed to enjoy the serpentine moves of the curvaceous dancer. Ah boys… My Papa Lalo (uncle) was regretful of the fact that he left his eyeglasses home! Haha! That was amusing and definitely good news for my Mama Sol!

Mama Sol's birthday
Since it was a Tuesday, with work the following day (my sons were on school break), we left at about 930pm. That was when most of my uncle and aunt’s contemporaries started boogie-ing and chacha-ing the night away…

Sitting up in bed while busily ‘facebooking’ and munching my Cheezy corn crunch junk food, I “accidentally” let out a loud burp.

“Ew! Ma, that’s disgusting! Burp is disgusting!”, exclaimed my 4.5 year old son.

My husband, who was sitting shirtless by the desk and fiddling with the remote control of the a/c while wondering why the freon suddenly ran out on this warm night, guffawed.

“Hey…did you teach this little imp that?”, I asked my hubs as I tried to stifle my own laughter. “Of course not!”, he quickly retorted.

“Fine”, I said. Now turning to youngest son, “Ok, and what do you mean by disgusting???”

“Burp and “ut*t” (f*rt) are disgusting”, he remarked looking proud of himself.

“Oh… and what about “u-*” (sh*t)? Is that disgusting?”, I asked, trying to pick his brain.

“No… Ma, there are only 2 things that are disgusting and that is not”, he stressed.


That’s just on day one of their semestral break. I wonder what other things he’ll “learn” next.

Photo 63

My sons were warned a couple of months back to limit their mobile phone usage. Just recently I requested Globe to deactivate the wap service of Kyle’s phone after it’s 2 billing statements registered P1,500 and P1,000 respectively on data / internet usage alone. Argh! That’s even higher than an HSDPA’s monthly subscripiton plan for unlimited use of internet! *Groan*

At first I figured it must be the mobile phone’s button placement that triggers the accidental connection to wap/internet, whenever it’s in the pants’ pocket. But the second time it happened, despite Kyle’s statement that he doesn’t use wap, I thought this still looked more deliberate. Hence my request for deactivation.

Matt on the other hand, was heavy on text messaging. His SMS usage lately was NOT lower than P1,000 (net of free sms)! That’s easily about 30 messages a day! Ugh.

Over the last couple of months, I successfully collected from their allowances the total subscription fees thinking that this would make them feel the waste of money and probably put a stop to the runaway cost. They paid me but this strategy wasn’t effective in lowering the expense. It was still beyond their combined P750/month plans.

Now they’re phones can only receive calls and messages. Outgoing calls and messages have been barred. They tried to negotiate with me, for me to re-consider my decision and pay the bill. I was playing hard-ball this time. Heh! And then I came up with a plan that would benefit both parties.

The deal was for them to start blogging online (which they are not too keen about). If I see at least 10 posts (of not less than 200 words per entry), then their mobile plans would be paid and reactivated. So far, they have both created their accounts with Blogger. Matt has written 3 posts and Kyle is on his way to writing his entries as well.

I hope this works. *Crossing my fingers*

Picnik collage
Matt & Kyle


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