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Toilet & Bath for Matt & Kyle, originally uploaded by gratitude.

Something happened here. To continue…

My hands were clammy. I felt my tummy in knots. I couldn’t relax at all as I sat there on the first row with Jerry. My kid in Nursery2, being a finalist in the Voices of Children poem recitation contest, was about to compete with the rest of the finalists.

He was the 4th to recite. Finalist number 1 recited softly and sheepishly even as the mom moved closer by the stage to give moral support. Finalist number 2 or 3 didn’t go up the stage at all. Oh no!

Jake was next. I saw him peer from the side of the stage as if looking for our faces in the audience. We waved at him. He flashed a big smile upon seeing us and then he walked up the stage…

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Me: Hmmm… *kiss, kiss*…*hug, hug*…(Smothering my 4 year old son)
Me: Why is my Jake so cute?…*presses cheek*
Me: Why is your skin so soft, hmm?
Me: Mama wants to hug you… always.
Me: Cute cute cute….
Me: This one is cute (presses cheeks)… this one is cute (pats his tooshie)…and this too (points to his male organ).
Jake: No! That’s not cute.
Me: Huh? If it’s not cute, then what?
Jake: Big.
Me: Oh!

And then in my peripheral view, I saw my husband laughing.

Picnik collage
Jake and me (using Photo Booth)

When my eldest son entered pre-school 12 years ago (he’s now 15), I assumed the “new” role of the mommy-tutor. We would study his lessons and do his homework together.

It was the same thing three years later when it was my 2nd son’s turn to enter school. Study time became part of our daily routine on weekdays, usually after dinner time. My hubs and I divided ourselves between the 2 boys. I was in charge of Filipino while Jerry handled the kids’ Mandarin lessons.

Hiring a professional tutor was never a plan even if my husband and I were working full-time and leading busy lives. As parents, we were pretty much involved with our boys’ academics and extra-curricular activities (though I was rarely active in PTA stuff).

So fast forward to this school year. I’m no longer as strict and as hard on the boys’ studies. Why? The early habits formed became ingrained in them that they are now able to handle school stuff by themselves and consistently maintain their slot in their respective honors’ classes.

Nowadays, eldest son checks on 2nd son and youngest sons’ (nursery2) lessons when we (the parents) are not around or need to stay out late for some matters. I’m relieved and very glad he can now help us out when needed. Soon, we’ll regain some more free time when both elder boys play an active role in their little brother’s studies. Let me share what I captured on video…

And here are some pictures of Matt with his peers doing some research and snacks afterwards.


In the car after a trip to the mall….

ME: (Tapping Matt’s knee as he was listening to his iPod) Matt, don’t drink Jake’s Chamyto alright? Please tell Kyle…

MATT: Yes, Ma…

ME: Did you hear me Kyle? (Just making myself clear.)

KYLE: Yes Ma. (goes back to listening to his iPod)

ME: Ok… If you want to, you ask Jake’s permission.

JAKE: But, but… I will say no!

I told the youngest to share what he has as long as the elder brothers ask his permission… but I realized he sure knows how to fend for himself.

Earlier this afternoon, while walking in the mall between my two elder boys…

ME: Ugh, I feel my tummy jiggling as I walk *chuckles*

Kyle laughed but Matt chose to say something:

MATT: Yeah Ma, I see it!

ME: Che! Boosit. 😛

And all three of us started laughing. Sometimes, a little white lie goes a long way, I figured. 😀

Jake, Matt, Kyle – eating mami noodles and halo-halo with gusto


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