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Toilet & Bath for Matt & Kyle, originally uploaded by gratitude.

Something happened here. To continue…

I just received an email a few minutes ago which prompted me to blog. It mentioned about “made in China” stuff and how some products, though made in China, are not labeled as such (yikes!). Part of the email mentioned about checking the barcodes in order to tell where a product was manufactured. I’m no authority on this and it would be best if somebody out there could validate if true. Still, I’m listing it here for everybody’s benefit:

The 1st 3-digits of a barcode:
00 – 09 >>> USA & CANADA
30 – 37 >>> FRANCE
40 – 44 >>> GERMANY
49 – >>> JAPAN
50 – >>> UK
690 – 692 >>> China

By the way, it’s not just melamine that we’re supposed to be looking out for. Other food additives found in processed foods we consume everyday are equally dangerous, if taken excessively: artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrite, and trans fat. Hmm, that was a mouthful (pun intended)! Click here to find out the truth about 7 common food additives and why these shouldn’t be part of our diet at all.

I used to work in SGV Consulting in Makati in late 1989 up to 1992. Spending most of my waking hours in that area from Monday to Friday familiarized me with the ins and outs of “old Makati”. Why do I say old? Since moving to Cebu 16 years ago right after getting married, a lot in the place have changed. Every year that I got to visit Makati, a structure got renovated or torn down and replaced by another. It’s sad that I didn’t have photos of how the Makati I knew looked like.

Last Saturday, Jerry and I strolled down memory lane as we tried to recall the old places. I couldn’t help looking for Gibson’s where I usually took colorum mini-bus or jeepney rides to Las Pinas back in those days. Now, Jerry tells me it’s already part of Park Square. I asked him where the Tia Maria Mexican bar/resto we used to frequent is located, and he tells me it’s actually Max Brenner now. Larry’s Bar, San Mig Pub, and Max’s Fried Chicken, the resto where my parents and siblings once ate to celebrate a grade school graduation is now GB5! I couldn’t help but shake my head… Haha! Ganun??? I’m feeling lost…and old! 😀

Even the SGV Development Center along Perea and Dela Rosa Streets, where Jerry and I worked and met in 1989 is no longer there. In it’s place is a high-rise condominium.

Change happens so fast it’s dizzying…

Saturday in Makati
With Pa, Ma, sis May, niece Zia (Pics taken at GB5 and Glorietta)

On my recent trip to Manila last 080808 to 081008, I flew via Cebu Pacific with a P3800 roundtrip ticket (heh, budget traveler, I am). Thus, I had the chance to be in NAIA 3.

I was expecting delayed trips and / or long queues at the terminal after hearing horror stories quite recently. However, none of these happened to me (must be the 080808 phenomena, hehehe). In fact, my flight from Cebu departed 15 minutes and landed in Manila 30 minutes ahead of schedule! Same thing happened on our flight back (Jerry flew with me from Manila to Cebu). No delays = pleasant surprise!

And at the NAIA 3, the directional signs were enough to guide you where to check-in and board at. Without these, one would easily get lost in that monstrosity. So how did the NAIA 3 look? Here, see for yourself.

My creation

Now if only the airline ground personnel would call the attention of those sleeping passengers who are lying down and occupying 3 seats while waiting for their flight/s….

My eldest son is in 3rd year high school now and soon will be off to college. As my brother and I were chatting earlier today, he suggested for Matt to consider going to NY, Boston or Toronto for a degree. Our conversation went this way:

Me: How much ang tuition sa NY, Boston or Toronto? Baka makuba kami ni Jerry.

Junnie: 45,000 per year

Me: *Gulp* Wala bang scholarship?

Junnie: …but the student can loan that and pay when able

Stop, you had me at “pay when able”, I told mysef. Hahaha….

Me: Matt! Tito Junnie said you should prepare for college as early as now. Where would you prefer? NY, Boston or Toronto? (Naks, as if I could really afford)…

Matt: (Voice coming from the 2nd floor) Ok Ma. How about NY? (Sakay naman sya. This guy is playing along.)

Me: And you Kyle, where would you want to go?

Kyle: *Shrugs his shoulders and smiles* (Perhaps he thought I wasn’t being serious. Hmm.)

Jake the 4yo: Ma, I want to go to Boston! Now…

Me: Ooh-kay… 😀

PSP ogling
Jake and Kyle


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