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Toilet & Bath for Matt & Kyle, originally uploaded by gratitude.

Something happened here. To continue…


Hindi pa tapos ang pakikipagsapalaran sa akademiya ng aking mga anak. Sa bawat taon na napipili sila bilang honor students, para sa amin, ito ay representasyon ng tagumpay sa bawat baytang na kanilang daanan.

Pasintabi lang po sa mistulang pagyayabang sa lumang larawan na ito pero nais ko lang ibahagi ang para sa aming pamilya ay isa sa mga simbolo ng pagwawagi.

Picnik collage

Batiin natin ang mga litratistang nakilahok sa linggong ito sa tema ng Litratong Pinoy.

Monday! Work was okay save for one annoying incident when the accounting firm erroneously deposited the funds to another corporate account. They were not even aware of it until I tried tracing where the funds went. Ugh! Anyway…

That didn’t stop me from having a generally good day. In fact, I’ve been “wearing” this silly smile on my face. Here’s why…

We were at the venue 2.5 hours early! We stood the whole of 3 hours watching CB first, then Rihanna with a brief fireworks display break in between as they completely changed the stage set-up.

Verdict: Best concert I could remember. Hehehe (as if I watch too many!)

A few pics and a vid here.

Me: Hmmm… *kiss, kiss*…*hug, hug*…(Smothering my 4 year old son)
Me: Why is my Jake so cute?…*presses cheek*
Me: Why is your skin so soft, hmm?
Me: Mama wants to hug you… always.
Me: Cute cute cute….
Me: This one is cute (presses cheeks)… this one is cute (pats his tooshie)…and this too (points to his male organ).
Jake: No! That’s not cute.
Me: Huh? If it’s not cute, then what?
Jake: Big.
Me: Oh!

And then in my peripheral view, I saw my husband laughing.

Picnik collage
Jake and me (using Photo Booth)

I don’t really consider myself a fashionista. In fact the closest I’d get to being one is when you see me browsing some fashion magazines or watching makeover shows on Velvet or Lifestyle channels… You can say I’m not the type to want to be first in sporting the latest trend since I’m already comfy in my jeans and shirt and basic footwear.

So… when I received an invite for Fitness.Fashion, at the Waterfront Hotel (Lahug), I was confused. Hahaha. What do I wear to such an event??? The dress code said: “Wear something chic”. Right… What’s chic these days? That’s very ambiguous.

After deciding on a top I already had and a good pair of jeans (yep, dark skinny denims) and stilletos, off I went with my friend Dahlia.

The show was a mixture of collections from several designers, the likes of Joey Samson, Louis Claparols, Tonichi Nocom, Protacio Empaces, Jun Escario, Rajo Laurel, Philip Rodriquez, Vic Barba, Rhett Eala, Arcy Gayatin, Randy Ortiz, Cary Santiago, James Reyes, Lord Maturan, and Edwin Ao (list of designers lifted from

There were really nice clothes on the ramp but Dahlia and I, along with our other lady-companions on the “green section” were aww-ing and ahh-ing at the buff and lovely (male and female and Cebu celebrity) models more than the collection. Hihihi.

So much for fashion watching. It was a new experience for me and taught me a bit about style (which needs to be put to practice I suppose). I hope I don’t see myself in pictures with a blacked out face and labelled “what not to wear to a fashion event” or “caught by fashion police”. 😉

fashion show

We’ve been frequenting the Terraces for the past few days until the last weekend. It’s a nice venue to take my Manila-based parents to. They’re impressed that there’s something like Greenbelt or Glorietta in my Cebu home-base. Hehe… For city-dwellers like them, malling is a staple activity. Yep, I should know. 😛

Yellow Cab
Here we are, enjoying Yellow Cab pizza and calzone a few hours after a filling lunch at Big Mao (both at Terraces)


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