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It’s been down for more than 2 weeks now. My 1 year old blog has been deactivated by Google due to a bad widget I installed. So you guys better stay clear of that Bloglinker widget or risk losing your site.

Yeah there’s Twitter and Facebook to keep me pre-occupied, sadly, not enough to make me forget about blogging.

After much thought, dilly-dallying, and registrar researching, I finally gave in.

I bought a domain.

And everyone’s invited to go visit. The new address is ARREZAPH.COM


Hello to all!

This blog has moved to OVERFLOW…. If you enjoyed (I hope) reading our family’s adventure/s, captured moments as well as mishaps, please update your links to

I really hope to see you all there. 😉


Advance Christmas greetings!


What: My 41st
When: October 31
Where: Laguna Garden Restaurant at the Terraces (Cebu’s answer to Greenbelt or Glorietta)
Who: with my boys, my folks, my paternal and maternal relatives

Laguna Garden
Laguna Garden
Laguna Garden

What: My 41st
When: October 30
Where: Ginza Restaurant then went to the Terraces (Cebu’s answer to Greenbelt or Glorietta)
Who: with my boys and folks


Not content with the barbecue lunch I had with my friend Ann, I urged the boys (hubs and sons) to have dinner with me at Kotei in Club Ultima.


Buwan ng Wika
Jake, Andre, DD

To celebrate the last school day for the Buwan ng Wika (month of the Filipino language), Jake wore Barong Tagalog (national costume for men) to school this morning. My crazy imagination gave me a visual of how my boy would look like in about 20-25 years, when he decides to wear the same type of outfit for his wedding. Eep… Erase! Erase!

So anyway…

There may be a high percentage of non-Filipino students in his school, but, to the delight of parents, that didn’t stop them from singing Filipino songs and dancing to Filipino music. 🙂 They even re-enacted the “bayanihan” spirit where an assigned group of high school students jointly carried on their shoulders a hut made of nipa around the gym.

It was a short affair that lasted for about 2 hours max, just enough time for me to get back to work right after. To cap the morning session, Jake’s class had a feast of all-Filipino food that the parents were requested to bring. We contributed pansit palabok, heheh… Is that even Filipino? On our way home, just like the rest of the mommies, I managed to bring pieces of budbud and bibingka that I wasn’t able to finish.

Okay. 530PM na. Puede na akong mamahinga ng konti at sumali sa lingguhang Litratong Pinoy.

Ang Italya ay nasa gawing kanlurang bahagi ng mundo, kaya napili kong isali ang litratong kinuha ko sa Piazza San Marco sa Venice. Romantiko talaga at “old world” ang dating… Kung hindi lang sa datestamp sa litrato na ito (at sa kasuotan ng mga tao), iisipin kong parang nasa ibang panahon kinuha.

Piazza San Marco

Hay, sana makabalik at makapasyal ulit kaming mag-asawa dun…


I'm 1/5th of a party of 5 based in Cebu. I've been married to my best friend for 16 years and we dote on our 3 sons aged 15, 12, and 4.5 years old. I work in an IT company (for 3 years now) and work allows me to blog, twit, post pics, and try new tech stuff in the internet. If you happen to visit, feel free to look around. :) Or you can find me on blogspot too:

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