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Monday! Work was okay save for one annoying incident when the accounting firm erroneously deposited the funds to another corporate account. They were not even aware of it until I tried tracing where the funds went. Ugh! Anyway…

That didn’t stop me from having a generally good day. In fact, I’ve been “wearing” this silly smile on my face. Here’s why…

This was how my Mothers (Day) Weekend was spent…

Foot massage time!
Friday evening – An hour of foot pampering at my favorite (cheap) spa

Hidden Paradise
Saturday – outing with family and friends from work

Sunday – 6pm mass at Sacred Heart Church (yay for aircon’ed places of worship), Kenny Rogers feast of slabs of ribs, roasted chicken, muffins, several sidings and roast chicken sandwich (this last item was my dinner) and… couch potato-ing for most of the day watching the Desperate Housewives marathon!

It was a simple celeb but a great one at that. On the whole, I had a lovely Mothers’ Day weekend!

Kenny Rogers
Kyle, Jake and Jerry… not in pic is Matt, who is presently in Xiamen, China until 3rd week of May

“Alegre” literally means happy, glad, merry, joyful, gay, cheerful, blithe, lively, jolly, cheery, hilarious, mirthful, gleeful in Spanish. Exactly the same feelings everyone in the team had when we spent 4 days and 3 nights in that resort in Sogod town, 1.5 hours north of Cebu City…. Preparations for this event caused the (in)frequency of my posts too. 😀

*Most of the shots are mine but photo credits go to …Lani Sara, Cris Factolerin, Chico Barretto, and Bronson Espinosa…


Posted on: January 11, 2008

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image, originally uploaded by gratitude.

This has been one long week for me with some days stretching to 14 hours of work time… It’s that time of the year when auditors are poring into the company’s records to check / vouch that everything is in order prior to tax season.

To make things more challenging, we are beating other deadlines too. And the US counterparts are arriving before month-end.

Exciting times indeed.

I’m packing my things now. I’m calling it a day. Time to re-charge and head off to the spa for a good massage.

Tomorrow and the coming week will be another story.

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Jake at Podium, originally uploaded by gratitude.

The common scenario when we leave for the office in the morning:

“See you later Jake. Be ready for school by 10am”, Jerry or I would tell him. And Jake would see us to the door after giving us our kiss.

This morning, I bade him goodbye as I hurriedly tried to carry all of my bags down to the car. Jake just finished taking his shower with Nanny’s help. He quickly ran up to me and said: “Wait Ma, let me kiss your face first…” and proceeded to plant a big wet kiss on my cheek.

How sweet… I drove to work with a smile on my face.


On a typical free day, I would be a couch potato watching E-news or some other local gossip program, Jerry would be reading emails on his Blackberry, Matt would be out with his friends, Kyle would be playing the Playstation2 and Jake would be running around playing with different toys one at a time in intervals of 5 minutes.

One day, we were all busy and left to our own devices when Jake ran up the stairs.

“Jake, where are you going?”, Jerry and I chorused.

“I’m going up…. to check my emails”, Jake replied.

No, he’s not going up to watch tv, not to take his turn with the PS2, not to play with his kiddie toys… He was going to check his emails!

Just where did that come from???

Jake at Costabella…, originally uploaded by gratitude.


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